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Vive la Corse – Sommerfreizeit Blog 2015

Hello everybody at home and everywhere else in the whole wide world,
with this english written text we want to integrate our international friends! „smile“-Emoticon

we like to send you the big news of our Corse holidays.
Our day started a little bit earlier today, because our bus was waiting to drive to the waterfalls called Cascades des Anglais.
It went up and down through the serpentines.
At 1 pm began our hike up the hill to the cold refreshing water, where we jumped four meters down the cliffs. The adrenaline ran through our bodies to the little toe. The day was full of great impressions like the amazing landscape of Corsica, Chilli con Carne, great community and the perfect weather we enjoy since we have arrived.

Peace and love,

Leo and Uli

PS: We have no school/university these days, so our English is not that good as it is usual.










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